Advice & Information for Medical Practitioners

Help to protect your patients in case of an emergency!

Medical professionals recommend the use of medical ID jewellery for patients who have medical conditions that must be communicated to medical staff in the event of an emergency. This essential information ensures appropriate care of the patient and could save their life!

Why recommend Lifesaving Engraving Medical ID?

  • Essential details are on the patient, not stored on a database.
  • No annual subscriptions or renewal fees.
  • Many of the bracelets are interchangeable with our medical tags, enabling patients to change their look easily, which encourages everyday use.
  • All of our medical ID jewellery is stylish yet practical and designed for daily wear!
  • FREE engraving!

How do you recognise Lifesaving Engraving medical ID jewellery?

All of our bracelets and medical ID pendants are of the highest quality and feature the internationally recognised staff of life symbol.

What should patients have engraved on their medical ID jewellery?

As a minimum, we recommend that the following information is included on their jewellery:

  • Name and date of birth
  • Medical condition/allergy
  • Medication
  • ICE contact number

Please refer to our Engraving Guidelines page for more details.

Spread the word!

The following literature is available free of charge to all medical practitioners.

  • A3 and A4 sized poster
  • Brochure with order form
  • A6 postcards

To order, simply fill out the form below, email us at or call us on 07434 540 046.

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