Medical ID Bracelet - Sizing Guidelines

Important: Please read

All of our jewellery can have different sizes and engraving character limits. You MUST read these details to ensure that you buy the correct bracelet for you.

Bracelet sizes

The overall size of a bracelet includes the actual bracelet and medical tag. 

To measure for your medical ID bracelet:

1. Take a piece of string.

2. Measure your wrist at its smallest point. Take a true wrist measurement - not too tight or too loose.

3. Measure the string against a ruler. 

4. Add half an inch to a full inch (depending on how loose you like to wear your jewellery) to that measurement, as medical ID bracelets do not fit like other bracelets because the tag does not bend.

Resize available for a charge of £5 plus p&p for all bracelets excluding sterling silver.  

Important: Ordering a bracelet only

If you order a ‘6 inch' bracelet only (without a tag), the actual bracelet size will be 6 inches. The measurement does not take into account a medical ID tag which you have to attach to your new bracelet. To find the correct measurement to order, you must take 1 and a half inches from the measurement of your wrist.

So for example, if your wrist measurement is 7.5 inches, order a Bracelet only (without a tag) as 6 inches, it will arrive 6 inches long and be extended to the full 7.5 inches when you attach a medical ID tag. 

If it in doubt, please contact us and we'll be happy to explain via phone or Email.

What if my bracelet does not fit?

If you ordered the wrong size, simply return the bracelet to us, using the returns form on the Contact Page on our website and inform us of the correct size so that we can resize it.   Please note there is a charge of £5 + £3.95 for a resize for all bracelets excluding sterling silver. 

I need a different size to those shown

If you need a custom size, please email us using the Contact Form.

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