Using Medical ID Jewellery

Should I wear medical ID jewellery?

Anyone who has a medical condition (or takes medication) that may affect their care in an emergency situation should wear a medical ID bracelet or pendant. Your medical ID information helps paramedics to provide you with appropriate treatment immediately.

On which wrist should I wear my medical ID bracelet?

You should wear your medical ID bracelet on your left wrist. The left wrist is normally used by medical staff to check your pulse.

Should I wear my medical ID bracelet in the shower or while swimming?

Your bracelet is made to the highest standards and from high quality beads and medical grade stainless steel but we recommend that you remove the bracelet before swimming or showering.

Are Lifesaving Engraving medical bracelets interchangeable?

Yes. Many of our medical ID bracelets are interchangeable, as they have two clasps that attach to the medical ID tag. Simply unclasp the tag and attach it to another one of our bracelets. 

What happens if my bracelet breaks?

All of our bracelets have a three month manufacturers guarantee. In the very unlikely event that a bracelet breaks, return the bracelet to us and we will repair or replace the bracelet (not the tag) for free.

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